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Words and story and poetry are the crazy makers in the midst of my creative adventures.

Canadian Writer & Poet

About Me

A lifelong passion for artistic expression naturally evolved from the visual arts to include the literary.

From the very first course I took with Allyson Latta, my writing grew wings. I continue to explore all aspects of writing, attending workshops and university-level courses, most recently the University of British Columbia Creative Writing Program.

I am most fortunate in my development to be surrounded by a tight-knit group of women writers, the “Lifers” (Life Writers Ink), peer mentors. All are on a similar path and a strong bond exists in the mutual desire to move ourselves forward as writers.

The desire to be the best writer I can be means ongoing development will never have an ending.

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“One must have chaos in one to give birth to a dancing star.”
Friederich Nietzsche
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I live in Rainbow Country in near-northern Ontario on the shores of a spring-fed lake surrounded by woodlands.

My fascination with the magic and mystery of this stunning, natural world invigorates and influences my creative pursuits.

When writing I slip into a brightly lit and infinite orientation where time doesn’t exist. Tao tse Ching said, have much and be confused.  That certainly sums up my creative world.  When the ‘have much’ of artistic expression swells toward chaos, clearing the bedlam means whipping the entire creative morass into a corner of my brain and locking the gate.  Never forgotten, nor overly organized, but simply corralled for retrieval when I am ready.

And, getting ready always involves immersing myself in a book or two. Stephen King said, “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.” Did I mention I am passionate about books and reading?

What I'm working on

Day Journal

My positive retort to the doom and gloom of the CoVID 19 pandemic. A handwritten, daily journal tracking the magic and mystery all around us every day to be discovered if we just look.

Creative Non-Fiction

My post WWII family was constantly on the move evading bill collectors and enforcers for my father’s gambling debts. I’d lived in a dozen different houses when dad moved us to a ramshackle house thirty miles from the nearest city, with only outdoor plumbing, one cold water tap, coal stoves for heating. I was eight. We stayed here for four years, and I loved it despite the hardships. These were the years that shaped who I am today.

Ready To Go!

A collection of poems about the ‘noise’ of life: living, loving and loss.

A collection of sixty-four original, ten-word, armchair axioms about love and lust, nature, family, grief and loss, and life’s surprising insights and teachings.