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Fiction Novel

This is a futuristic tale of three unusual sisters, who may be the last of their kind.  The story of their lives revolves around a family legend – a secret and dangerous legacy. The novel is about chaos, betrayal, murder, suicide and escape. Set in the not-too-distant future when the need for the gifts these extraordinary women possess has never been greater.

Set In the era beginning 2040, it is about a world-wide population expanding exponentially and unchecked toward extinction. Governments across the globe scramble in quiet panic for equitable solutions. For several decades, the Canadian government has been easing its complacent citizens inevitably toward its ultimate solution: removal of lesser citizens from day-to-day life. It is now the mandatory fundamental element of a national solution, propagandized through a carefully orchestrated dis-information campaign as vital to human survival.

The need for the gifted sisters has never been so vital. Yet one sister is dying, another is crazy, and what of the third sister? Well, she is the crone, the storyteller.