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I made the transition from telling to writing stories later in life and now, I cannot not write.

black and white photo of Cheryl's kitchen table


I learned to tell a great story around my family’s kitchen table.

The stories we shared over the decades were loud, true, hilarious, frightening, sad, poignant, beautiful, historical in their own way and involved much table-pounding.

Today that worn kitchen table is the centre piece in my guest house.



No one ever took the time to write down those incredible kitchen-table stories.

My path to writing began with the longing to take my storytelling voice to the written word.

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Mothers. Daughters. When was the last time a book of fiction had you exploring the ‘push and pull’ nature of your mother and daughter relationship?

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Shadow Play

Photography is my first and most enduring love with the creative world. It began as a teenager when my grandparents handed me their beat-up, old Brownie camera.
I live on the shores of a spring-fed lake surrounded by hundreds of acres woodlands. I am fascinated by the magic and mystery of this natural world…

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IMPACT :: Reading The Lamberts

I began with WANDA, the most recent and captivating book by Barbara Lambert, that Eva Stachniak (The Chosen Maiden) says “… dives deep into the past to explore a world maimed by war and blessed with art.” It’s not only about the early years of WWII when Canadians of varied origins were suspect in their loyalties, but mostly it’s about impact of prejudice on isolated and lonely young girls…

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“The less conscious one is of being ‘a writer’, the better the writing”
Pico Iyer